The ROVer Ranch presents


Take a Robot Qwhiz!
Test Your Knowledge

Let's Talk Robotics
A Liftoff to Learning Video Resource Guide

Rover Races
Challenges of operating a planetary rover

Build a Mars Pathfinder Model
Make your own spacecraft

Make a Balloon-powered Nanorover!
From Dr. Marc's Space Place

Robots Alive! Guide and Resources from the PBS show Scientific American Frontiers
Activities: Define and write and algorithm, Build a pizza-cutting robot, Fin d the center of gravity, Design a robot, Build a rotating wing

Natural Born Robots, also from PBS Scientific American Frontiers
Activities: RoboRoach, Swim Like a Fish, Body Builders, Robots Have Feelings Too!, and more...

NASA Robots presented by Newton's Apple
Activity: Program Your Partner - Guiding a Robot to Do a Simple Task

Robot Devices Connected to the Internet

Newton in Space - explains how Newton's Three Laws of Motion apply to spaceflight. You need a pdf viewer for this one.

International Space Station Challenge
Technical activities that explore the ISS

Space Shuttle and ISS Simulations
Launch, landing, docking - try them all!

The Incredible Edible Solar System
Have your solar system and eat it too!

Earth Moon and Mars Balloons
Scale Models

Aerology: The Study of Mars
Candy bar core samples

Edible Mars Spacecraft
More food science - yum

Strange New Planet
Planetary Exploration - how observant are you?

Mars Bingo
How good is your Mars vocabulary?

Robot Competitions
Trinity College fire Fighting Home Robot Contest
Lego Mindstorms
First Lego League
Western Canadian Robot Games
Robo Cup
Robot Sumo
Robot Rumbles
RobotWars Web Page
Robot Competition FAQ by NCC
Micromouse Contest
US First Contest for Youth
Robotix Annual Conference, Exhibition, Contest

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