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Other Robot Web Links

LISTS - For every list you find there are a few more. Here's a start:
World's Largest Robotics Sites
It's global, it's huge!
Android World
A site devoted to androids, anthropomorphic robots. A must see plus there's a great list of lists (robotic of course)
Yahoo's Robotics Page
Yahoo, the master of lists, goes robotic
The Open Directory Listing of Robotics
Holy Mackerel! What a list!
Mark's Robotics Home Page
Yet another excellent set of links
Robotics Related Web Servers
A list of academic and commercial robotics servers hosted by UMass Lab for Perceptual Robotics
The Robot Group
List of Robot Links
Acroname Robotics Links
A set of links for robot resources
Robotics Information
This is a HUGE list of robot links!

ROBOTS - This will get you going. Want more? Search the above LISTS.

HB Robotics Club Builders Book
Home built robots
MIT Mobots
Mobile robots from the MIT AI Lab
Avatar Teleport
Build Worlds, Design Avatars (Software Robots)
Knowledge Crafts
A Scientist's View on MicroSubs
A robotics research lab at UPenn
LAMI Robots
Bots from the Laboratoire de Microinformatique
Robotics Research at the Johns Hopkins University
Robots at the JH Lab
The Robotics Institute at CMU
Many interesting robotic projects
Furby Autopsy
What happened to Toh-Loo-Kah?
A Softball-Sized Space Pal
An article about the Personal Satellite Assistant
The quest for humanoid soccer playing robots
A household robot at your service
A robot dog to keep your household robot company
The Carebot
A robot vacuum for your robot dog to bark at....arf!
The Humanoid Robot from Honda
A two-legged, walking robot!
Robot Battle
A programming game

REFERENCE - It's always good to know what you're talking about...

Robotics FAQ
A little old but this is *the* FAQ
A news and information site for things robotic
Spaceships Out of This World
Info about propulsion research
Rover Navigation using GPS
A type of navigation system
Will Robots Learn to Build Their Own Future?
An article about robots that evolve
Robot Science and Technology
A Robot Magazine
Robotics Glossary
Words and Definitions
The Art of Motion Control
Robotic kinetics
The Physics of Robotics
A High Schoolers physics project

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