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VRML, which is pronounced either "vee-are-em-ell" or "VER-mul", is an abbreviation for Virtual Reality Modeling Language. VRML is a standard language for describing interactive 3-D objects and worlds delivered across the Internet into your Web browswer. To simulate a ROVer in a VRML environment, you need a VRML Plugin to extend the capabilities of your Web browser. If your system does not support the plugin, you can still run the simulation and save the results, but you will not be able to view your ROVer in the 3-D environment.

The ROVer Ranch uses the COSMO Player VRML plugin which has players for Windows 95, NT, Win 3.1 and Irix. The Win95 player will run on Win98 and Windows 2000.

Get your VRML Plug-in from Cosmo Player icon/link site.

Documents with names ending in .pdf have been prepared using Adobe Acrobat. You can view and print Adobe PDF files with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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