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Here's some links to related education resources:
Robotics Instructional Materials at SpaceLink
Robot lessons

Robotics Education Project
Learn about them, talk about them, build them

Space Science Robotics at SpaceLink
More robot info from NASA

International Space Station Reference
The user's manual

Live and Work Aboard the Space Shuttle
You too can crew...

Human Spaceflight - The ISS
Living 220 miles up!

ISS Challenge
Can you dock the Shuttle at the ISS?
Mars Instructional Materials at SpaceLink
Life? Water? Is it Red?

Mars Exploration Activity Page
Neat stuff like making topo maps and ionized balloons...

Center for Mars Exploration
Landing site maps

Welcome to Mars
Planetary profile

Passport to Knowledge - Live from Mars
An online field trip to Mars - tons of resources

Mars Exploration - Teachers Section
Includes the Mars Activities Book (pdf/html), curriculum supplements and other resources

Mars Millennium Project
A multi-disciplinary project to picture the future

Mars Exploration Teacher Resources
Activities, supplements and more!!

Space Science Education Resource Directory
SpaceEd sorted by grade and subject

The Physics Zone
Didja know mass and inertia are the same thing?

Metric Converter
Measure twice, cut once

NASA Space Mathematics from the Space Educators' Handbook.
Chapters include Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Trigonometry, Matrix Algebra, Conic Sections, and Calculus

Flight Paths of Orbiting Satellites
An Ask Eric Lesson Plan

Basics of Space Flight Learners' Workbook
A NASA online publication that covers space environment, space flight projects, and space flight operations

A more complex treatment of graphs

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