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Here I Am! What Do I Do?

Get Started!

I want to build online robots!

OK! A good way to approach a complex problem is to break it into parts using the Scientific Method.

I need to do some research!

Visit RobotEd 101 and Resources to get familiar with the topic. Important things to learn are: What is a robot? What are the traits and systems associated with robots? How do software models relate to the actual objects represented? Research involves making observations, plus collecting and recording information.

I'm ready to build my robot!

Good! To build and run a robot you have to register a userid and password. Once you're registered, login to the member area.

Use the BotBuilder (psst, it's in Missions) to put your robot together. Brainstorm with your team for ideas and possible design solutions. Discuss your design to understand why the robot is built a particular way. If this isn't your first robot, how does it compare to the others you've built?

How do I program and run my robot?

The Path Planner (it's in Missions too) will help you program your robot. Incorporate strategies from previous experimentation and observation.

The Simulator (yep, in Missions) is the place to run your robot. Record your simulation results.

I ran my robot - Now What?

Analyze and record your results and conclusions about the design process in your Journal and the Class Message board. What worked and didn't work? How can you improve your robot? Engineering a tool is a circular process of design-test-redesign so if your robot didn't work, this information could be useful next time.

Build another Bot!

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