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Physics Demo:

            To run a physics demo, select "Physics" from the top MathTrax tab line.  Two new tabs will appear     below the top tab line.  Select either "Roller Coaster" or "Rocket Launch" to try one of the simulations.

            You can build a roller coaster track by entering an equation from the drop down menu or entering one of your own.  Be sure and set the position, friction, speed and gravity values and see if you can get the "car" to complete the track.

             The "Rocket Launch" has two tabs nested below it; "Change Launch Settings" and "View Launch Results".  Select "Change Launch Settings" to view and manipulate launch criteria.  Select "View Launch Results" to see the graph of the launch parameters and data.

            You can adjust the parameters of both simulations over and over and see how your changes affect the simulation.

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