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Contribute to or customize MathTrax by using the components in the Math Description Engine library.


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+ NASA Official: Robert Shelton
+ Last Update: March 29, 2006
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Go to the Math Description Engine Software Development Kit V1.0 Website

MathTrax Pawprint  MathTrax is built on the components in the Math Description Engine (MDE) software library.  MDE's purpose is to generate accessible descriptions of graphs. 

MathTrax Pawprint  MDE's components can be "plugged in" to various applications and user-interfaces. The accessible Java Graphical User Interface (GUI) widgets provide end-user control and display of MDE elements. The graphical components can be plugged into various applications and can be used independently or in combination.

MathTrax Pawprint  MDE's architecture supports solution synchronization among components when text, sound and graphing are used in combination. The Programmer's Guide describes MDE core components and how to use their functionality, individually and in combination.


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